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NEW French Flower from Matiere Premiere Parfums

Newest from the house of Matiere Premiere Parfums is French Flower based on the initial idea of the intoxicating smell of a tuberose field at night. This is a white floral fragrance for both men and women.

Main Ingredient: Absolute and Enfleurage Tuberose France, extracted from tuberoses organically grown by MATIERE PREMIERE.

Matiere Premiere French Flower - Ms Tantrum Blog

Creative Approach: Create a bouquet of Tuberose with Absolute and Enfleurage of Tuberose petals. Nigeria Ginger amplifies the whiteness of the flower. Chinese Tea Leaf Essence and a Green Pear accord underline the vegetal character of this stemmed flower.

Top Notes: Pear, Nigerian Ginger

Middle Notes: Tuberose, Orange Blossom, Chinese Tea

Base Notes: Ambroxan

Matiere Premiere French Flower - Ms Tantrum Blog
Matiere Premiere French Flower - Ms Tantrum Blog
Matiere Premiere French Flower - Ms Tantrum Blog

Method of Extraction: French Flower as mentioned above is made from organic Tuberose grown at Matiere Premiere’s own farm at Grasse. Aurelien used two different ways of extracting tuberose essence from the flower which give two very different products that are very unique. First you get an extraction of tuberose flower from which we get Tuberose Absolute. It is a rich, complex, intense smell and gives an impression of full budding tuberose. The ancient enfleurage extraction technique where flowers are put on fat and after a few days you take them away and add more flowers to the fat. This way the fat sucks/absorbs the olfattive smell of the petals. Then, this fat/wax is distilled to get the enfleurage. It is sensual, solar and smells like tuberose in the air.

Performance: If you’re looking for a fragrance with enormous sillage that people could smell your fragrance before you enter the room, I’m sorry this isn’t the one! This is a very subdued fragrance with a moderate sillage but people standing close to you can smell it. Longevity, on the other hand, is higher than expected. It lasts a really long time (all day for my skin and clothes) which is really impressive and powerful for a soft fragrance.

Where should you wear it? As French Flower is a very subdued and subtle fragrance, it can be worn every day and also for jobs like hospital, school, etc. It would make a lovely choice for brunch, shopping, picnic, or daytime date fragrance.

Matiere Premiere French Flower - Ms Tantrum Blog

Final thoughts: I can not get enough of French Flower. This fragrance highlights the creamy, solar aspect of Tuberose that has absorbed all the sunshine throughout the day. There is a sweetness from pear with a zingy, spicyness from the ginger. Chinese tea adds that green, fresh character to the fragrance. Orange blossom adds that softness in the background while the ambroxan base giving it a strong backbone and making it perfectly unisex!

It is just so beautiful – creamy and solar tuberose. It feels and smells so delicate, sophisticated yet sensual. French Flower has a transparent feel to it but it lasts all day on my skin. It is such a unique, rich tuberose scent and is done so wonderfully to give an impression of the smell of tuberose field at night! It is a non-offensive, modern, transparent tuberose scent and would be pleasant to the noses of even non-fragrance wearers. If I was only allowed to keep just one white floral scent in my collection, it would be French Flower!

French Flower can be purchased from Matiere Premiere Parfums, Selfridges and Harrods in the UK.

Until next time, Ashh xo

*This post features a press sample. Opinions are my own and unbiased.


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