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SAGE – Skin & Hair Friendly Fragrance from ARgENTUM Apothecary

Positive Luxury Brand – ARgENTUM Apothecary launched les parfums infinis – a magical collection of 12 eaux de parfums that are kind to your skin and hair. 

Introducing the ARgENTUM archetypes ~ CREATOR, SAGE, MAGICIAN, CAREGIVER, HERO, JESTER, INNOCENT, REBEL, EXPLORER, RULER, EVERYMAN & LOVER. Twelve symbolic images are captured in scent to reflect inherent energies common to us all. Infusing the symbology of fire, air, earth, and water while combining divine numerology, these magical fragrances merge as 12 BECOME 1.

Speaking of Archetypes, they all have a meaning associated with them. I got to try Sage which is committed to helping the world gain deeper insight and wisdom. It serves as a thoughtful mentor or advisor.

Packaging: These perfumes come in beautiful Miron glass bottles that are easy to recycle. The bottle is packaged in a monochrome pop-up book box that looks very stylish. These perfume boxes feature illustrations from UK-based illustrator Joe Wilson. The bespoke bottle and lid work by blocking the complete spectrum of visible light with the exception of violet light. This unique combination offers optimal protection against the damaging processes released by visible light and extends the life span and potency of les parfums infinis. The bottle’s lid comes with a 925 sterling silver talisman – traditionally pressed with a pressure of 80 tonnes. Each talisman is hallmarked – a practice dating back to the 13th Century. You may unscrew the lip of the lip and take the talisman out to wear as a coin pendant!

Notes: Heliotrope Flower, Egyptian Violet Leaf, Sandalwood from New Caledonia, Carrot Seed Oil, Ylang-ylang, Cinnamon, Sicilian Bergamot

Sage is a bittersweet, almond-like veil of heliotrope lightened with the powder-green freshness of Egyptian violet leaf resting on a pillow of exotic ylang-ylang, soft vanilla, and velvety sandalwood. This is an airy, powdery floral composition that smells so modern and sophisticated.

This collection of eaux de parfums is developed using Water Plant Emulsion without any chemical solvents or alcohol agents and helps soften and moisturize your skin and hair. WPE® is a patented technology that mixes oil and water with fragrance to create a super-fine and milky microemulsion.

Performance: Though the fragrance has just water and plant-based oils, the performance is incredibly impressive. SAGE gets you noticed and stays on the skin and clothes for a long-time.

Overall Thoughts: To my nose, SAGE from ARgENTUM Apothecary is all about the soft, romantic, and powdery nuances of violet flowers. These flowers smell very royal and elegant just like Iris and create a very delicate, feminine smell. There is a slight aquatic green touch from the violet leaves but I smell mainly the powdery aspect of Violet here. Ylang ylang which is rumored to be one of the most powerful aphrodisiacs creates its magic while Heliotrope adds a smooth, creamy, almond-like fragrant touch. Softly sweet vanilla and velvety sandalwood add depth to the composition. I’m super impressed and obsessed with how this fragrance smells. Sage would make a beautiful pick as a Date and Wedding Fragrance. I know I would be repurchasing this beauty!

Until next time, Ashh xo

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