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Top Amazon finds for a chic home and Instagram photos

Whether it is for home or for my Instagram and Blog photos, Amazon is my first place to shop. Today , I’m sharing my top favourites for a chic looking home or for your photos if you like seeing these on my Instagram feed.

  • White Waffle Duvet Cover – This duvet cover gives the vibe of a luxurious hotel where you find crisp white cotton sheets and the duvets. The waffle style from one side adds to the texture but still looking minimal. If you have a scandi style home, this may be for you! Oh, and these also act as a background for most of my photos on Instagram. This will cost a lot more if you purchase a duvet cover of this style from any retailer other than Amazon.
  • Grey knitted throw blanket with pom poms– Not just as a throw on my Living Room’s couch, this knitted blanket looks great as a prop in blog or Instagram photos as well.
  • Marble-like tray – You might have seen some of my photos with this marble-like tray which looks nice and is very lightweight. This tray can be used to keep bathroom essentials or can serve as a jewellery tray.
  • Black Tray – You might have also seen a black wooden tray in many of my photos which again serve as jewellery tray or to keep any essentials. This tray looks great against lighter background.
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  • Rabbit tail Dried Grass – This is the latest addition to my Amazon haul and i have to say Instagram made me do it! I have been seeing these on my favourite bloggers accounts and this adds a lovely touch to my photos. Plus looks nice in any corner of your home.
  • Marble Platter – Marble platter is another large item I purchased from Amazon and it surely looks great in different ways. Round marble platter is another option if you prefer this shape.
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  • Wire grid panel – Another thing I get asked about is the wire grid panel that I have been using a lot in my photos. This notice board or display board is great for setting up a theme on your table and also to keep you organised.
  • Mirror – If you’re after a mirror, this vintage style champagne gold mirror from Amazon is quite popular.

This post is getting longer than expected so I’m going to share the rest of my faves in another post. Until next time, Ashh xo

*This post contains affiliated Amazon links.


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  1. I love that marble tray!

    Curated By Jennifer

  2. Wow so many great finds! I love Amazon for little decor touches.

    XX Angelica

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