Christmas Gift Guide | Wellness Edit

From luxury aromatherapy oils to calming skincare and relaxing beauty tools, calming fragrances and beyond, I have rounded up the very best products that promise to help boost mood and mental health. Whether the gift recipient is into wellness or not, I’m pretty sure that the gifts listed here will earn you some brownies.

Christmas Gift Guide | Beauty Gifts for Her

I absolutely LOVE this time of the year when you thank everyone with a little gift. I like to spend my money on mostly practical but sometimes indulgent gifts for myself and my loved ones. However, sometimes the choices can be overwhelming with so many options available. I suggest choosing the right gift by giving a thought to what the gift recipient will actually benefit from. If I had to choose a gift for my mum, I might go for anti-aging skincare or Natural Spa products so she can relax in the comfort of her own home. If I had to choose a gift for my sister, I would go for luxury makeup because she loves to play with makeup. I might want to treat myself to a new fragrance because it lifts up my mood! If you’re looking for that perfect gift for her, the search stops here! Whether it is for your mum, sister, or girlfriend, I’ve got all covered.

Sol de Janeiro Bom Dia Jet Set

Sol de Janeiro Bom Dia Jet Set

Sol de Janeiro describes itself as the ‘Beauty of Brazil captured in a jar’ and rightfully so, for its Brazilian-inspired scents and luscious textures. This award-winning skin and body products brand has been spreading joy with its range of shower essentials, body creams, body sprays, and more. The idea behind this gorgeous line of products is the positive Brazilian mindset of loving your body and loving life. The philosophy in particular is to love your own body no matter what it looks like, take care of it, and flaunt its best features.

Nivea Advent Calendar 2022

Here are 24 days of festive NIVEA Fun! Get excited this Christmas with 24 surprises waiting for you. This is a lovely budget-friendly gift to treat yourself or someone special. Plus a stylish hairpin, a magical make-a-wish bracelet, a handy pocket mirror, a useful soap bag, a glass nail file, a dreamy eye mask, a soft shower puff, and a cute star-shaped cookie cutter. Make her day or 24 days, with this exclusive Advent Calendar full of daily festive treats she’ll love because every day is a pampering moment!

7 Beauty Essentials for the Festive Season

The festive season is upon us and it brings excitement and joy! Don’t you look forward to this time of the year? If you’re looking to treat yourself or a loved one this festive season, this compilation of my 7 essentials will serve as inspo for you. From skincare to makeup and fragrance, I have selected some of the best products to help you get ready for parties at work, with friends, or with family.

SUQQU Holiday Color Collection 2022

SUQQU Holiday Collection 2022

Inspired by winter roses that bloom in freezing cold, SUQQU’s Holiday Collection lights up with vivid colors bringing a beautiful warmth to the cold winter. Rare and less lavish winter roses add a touch of warmth to the cold of winter, creating a sense of quiet solitude and even nobility. This seductive yet graceful collection is centered around gentle shades of petals and leaves as well as the sparkling colors that are left behind by the cold morning frost.

Sweater Weather Fragrances for transitioning into Winter

Autumn has been in full swing with temperatures flipping from hot to cold and vice versa but as we move into November, we think of those gorgeous intense fragrances that cut through the cold weather. However, you need to transition towards those warm scents smoothly and this article has got some gorgeous transition scents that are not just great for autumn but are perfect for a swift and smooth transition.

Adding a Scandi touch to your home

Scandinavian Interior Design is one of the most famous designs in the entire world. The design is all about minimalistic, bright, and aesthetically pleasing pieces. Scandinavians usually stick to cool tones – blues, greens, and greys are popular. Probably due to the fact that the colors around them are naturally cooler due to the cloudy grey weather, stone/mountains, green trees, blue waters etc. Scandinavians don’t have a lot of bright colors or warm tones. If warm colors are used then it’s pretty much always a deep rich tone like burgundy, navy tones etc. Colour schemes like black and white or grey and white are very popular. You can also see light oak tones in Scandi homes.

Arancia Rossa - Laboratorio Olfattivo

NEW Arancia Rossa Eau de Parfum from Laboratorio Olfattivo

Arancia Rossa from Laboratorio Olfattivo is one of the four perfumes from Viaggio in Italia Masters’ Collection by Master Perfumer Jean-Claude Ellena. For this collection, he took a journey to Italy to feel that happiness because he only creates perfumes with joy! He wanted to create fragrances that would sing of Italy, of joie de vivre, cheerfulness, and hope.

Aesop Eidesis Eau de Parfum

New Eidesis Eau de Parfum from Aēsop

Aēsop’s Othertopias range which included Miraceti, Karst, and Erémia scents now has a new fragrance called Eidesis. The fragrance is created in collaboration with Aēsop’s long-term fragrance partner Barnabé Fillion. I personally have not tried any fragrance from Aēsop before but I do love their bodycare and haircare products. This Australian Luxury Cosmetic brand combines science with exceptional botanical ingredients to create remarkable products. The products from Aēsop bring an aromatic experience plus their gorgeous minimal packaging is to die for! For instance, if you look at the fragrance bottle of Eidesis, the brown glass bottle looks so chic and complements the aesthetics of Scandi-style lovers!

SUQQU Pre Holiday 2022 Aurora Breakup Collection - Ma Tantrum Blog

SUQQU Aurora Breakup Collection | Pre-Holiday 2022

SUQQU has created a color collection inspired by one of the most gorgeous natural phenomena – The Northern Lights! This collection mirrors the beautiful, broad spectrum of shades seen within the Aurora Borealis. PRE-HOLIDAY 2022 color collection inspired by the beautiful and mysterious aura of the Northern Lights on the winter sky, includes all SUQQU best-selling formulas in the new vivid shades, textures, and luxurious shimmers.

Huda Beauty Empowered palette - Ms Tantrum Blog

NEW Huda Beauty Em(power)ed Collection

Empowerment is about accepting who you are, your limitless potential, and knowing that you’re capable of anything! Huda Beauty is launching its biggest collection of the year – The Em(power)ed Collection. This is a collection to inspire you and remind you that you are strong and powerful every time you use it. This collection includes the EM(POWER)ED palette – 18 shades inspired by the color of power, gold – a LEGIT Lashes Double-Ended Mascara in limited edition gold packaging, and an all-new Face Gloss with gold shimmers. There is also a WISHFUL Eye Lift & Contour mask with a bold gold empowered statement and put together the ultimate Lip Kit with gold details.

Sustainable, Luxury Skincare with Overall Wellness | Rhug Wild Beauty

Having dry and sensitive skin means you need to be extra careful when it comes to choosing your skincare products or you’ll end up with irritated, inflamed skin. Wild Beauty products from Rhug Estate are not only gentle and organic but are really effective too making them ideal for any skin type including sensitive and reactive skin. Wild Beauty is a truly exquisite, luxurious skincare collection using the finest organic and wild foraged ingredients from the Rhug Estate. With an abundance of natural and organic plants growing all around Rhug and a recognition that organic and natural ingredients can deliver very positive benefits for the skin, the idea of creating a truly luxurious skincare collection using the finest organic and wild foraged ingredients from the estate was born and we got Rhug Beauty!

Are you packing a healthy lunch for your child?

I was reading a news article that stated parents are being called into schools for unhealthy packed lunches. Research has found that just one in sixty lunchboxes were nutritional while others contained crisps, a sweet like a chocolate biscuit or a cookie. Some lunch boxes even contained a sugary drink or a squash. While England has a provision of school lunches (free until a child is in year 2) and paid for other children. Do you know mandatory rules on nutritional quality for school dinners were introduced in 2006 in England but there is still no law that covers packed lunches? Charities are now working with parents of over 100 schools to arrange workshops on how to pack nutritional and healthy lunches for kids.

Tackling Dry Skin As We Age

Dehydrated skin is the skin lacking moisture or that which has a reduced ability to retain moisture. It can feel dry, tight, or even irritated. It can also look dull and sallow. Fine lines appear more pronounced on dry skin. The problem of dry, easily sensitized skin gets worse as we age and that is due to age-related loss of moisture and our skin becomes less capable of retaining moisture. This leads to a loss of elasticity. A balanced diet, regular moisturization, and following a proper skincare routine can help in keeping our skin healthy and hydrated to a great extent.