9 (plus 1) Sustainable Fragrances worth checking out

Sustainability goes way beyond packaging and includes the complete production process from sourcing ingredients to the final product. From sourcing clean ingredients to conscious packaging and creating a positive impact on society, everything matters when it comes to sustainability. Today more and more brands are walking that extra mile to follow a sustainable approach while creating beautiful fragrances. Here are some of the ones I like and feel these are totally worth checking out!

7 Perfumes to add to your Scent Wardrobe

7 Perfumes to add to your Scent Wardrobe

With many new fragrances that arrive on my desk for testing every other day, I can only say I bloody LOVE my job! Whether it is an everyday fragrance for you or that special evening wear, I have recommendations for you. Here are some of the new ones and some from last year that I have been loving and will be great for you to add to your fragrance wardrobe.

Tea Tree Oil | Uses, Benefits and much more…

Tea tree oil, also known as melaleuca oil, is an essential oil extracted from the leaves of the native Australian plant Melaleuca alternifolia. Tea tree oil is believed to be antibacterial when used topically. If swallowed, it can cause serious symptoms. These days tea tree oil is easily available in the form of essential oil, over-the-counter topical medicines, beauty products, soaps, and cleaning products. Tea tree oil possesses antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antiviral, and antifungal properties.

SUQQU Autumn Winter 2022 Color Collection

SUQQU – Premium Japanese Beauty Brand is launching its Autumn Winter 2022 color collection inspired by the deep and vibrant colors of Autumn. The collection comprises SUQQU’s bestselling and most popular products in brand new shade combinations along with limited edition shades. There’s a new limited edition product also included in the collection.

Sun Allergy? Here’s how to control it!

Sun Allergy or Photosensitivity (the medical term is Polymorphous Light Eruption) is our immune system’s reaction to sunlight. This allergy causes an itchy rash or hives that appear on any skin that has been exposed to the sun even for just a few minutes. This condition can also be triggered by exposure to artificial ultraviolet rays. That itchy or burning rash appears within hours or up to 2 to 3 days after exposure to sunlight and lasts for up to 2 weeks. But it heals without scarring. The rash can appear on the head, neck, chest, and arms as these are the parts that are usually exposed to the sun. The face is not always affected.

Sun Protection for your Hair

We all know that we need to wear sunscreen every day even if it is cloudy and rainy outside to protect our skin from the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays. But do you know UV rays may also be secretly damaging your hair? If you have dull, dry, and brittle hair, ultraviolet rays may be the culprit. Just like SPF for your face, you should use sun protection for hair too. Using SPF specifically for hair will bring back life to those tresses in no time.

Commodity Fragrances | MILK+ Eau de Parfum

Scent Space is essentially control over the projection and intensity of a fragrance. That means you can now decide if you want a certain fragrance to have a closed bubble or stay in your personal space or have a decent projection with an expressive scent. You may even choose your scent to fill the room with bold fragrance. Every fragrance from Commodity comes in three different scent spaces which I think is really cool and robust. It really distinguishes this contemporary fragrance house from any other brand in the industry. Fragrances in the Personal Scent space will sit close to the skin. Fragrances in the Expressive scent space are balanced in terms of projection and longevity while fragrances from the Bold scent space will make a statement.

Glossybox x The Flatlay Co. Summer Bag | Special Edition

I love Glossybox’s special edition boxes and this time the brand has collaborated with The Flatlay Co. which has numerous fans including myself! The Flatlay Co. Bags are just PERFECT for travel and now when it is time to pack your suitcase again, this summery tropical print bag is going to come in very handy. Worth over £125, this summer bag is filled with 12 essentials out of which 6 are full size and the rest are deluxe minis to enhance your summer beauty ritual.

5 Sensitive skin approved face masks

Keeping your skin hydrated and your skincare routines fairly simple is essential if you have sensitive skin. Sensitive skin is reactive and is prone to inflammation, itching, and redness. Therefore, a cautious approach is needed when it comes to choosing the right product for this skin type. I have dry and sensitive (easily stressed) skin and after testing a few masks for months and years, these are my absolute favorites and always work for my skin type.

Magic Korean Skincare Ingredients

There is a reason why everyone gets so excited about Korean Beauty and that is because Koreans only used natural and harsh-free ingredients to create clear, radiant, and glass-like skin for generations. This is why K-Beauty is so popular these days. In this article, we are talking all about some of those magic cosmetic ingredients …

Fathers Day Gifting

5 Gifting Ideas for Father’s Day

By now, most of you must have sorted gifts for Father’s Day. By the way, Father’s Day is celebrated on the third Sunday in June. This date was first observed in the United States of America and later followed by most countries in the world. The celebrations in the UK have been inspired by the American custom of Father’s Day (celebrated since 1910). Since the day is approaching fast, it is time to get a nice card or a little gift.

5 Reasons why you should wear SPF daily without fail

Bring me some sunshine and I’m happy. While you do need the sun for your daily dose of Vit. D, it does not imply that you should put your health at risk! Sitting in sun comes with risks of skin cancer but you can reduce the risk by applying sunscreen. Here are some of the reasons why you should protect your skin by wearing SPF every single day without fail.

Swiss Arabian Rose 01 - WAAW Collection

Fruity Rose – So Rich & Addictive | Rose 01 by Swiss Arabian

Rose 01 is a floral fantasy that transports you to a mythical garden fit for a Goddess.  The finest ripe fruits add a silken sweetness with rhubarb and lychee framing the garlanded entry to an inner floral heart. Rose, the precious lily of the valley, and pale pink peonies form a crown of romantic flowers that dazzles the senses. An embrace of vanilla and musk brings a velvet cloak of cashmere woods to elegant shoulders.

What fragrances to wear for Summer Weddings?

A perfume is a finishing touch to your look and if you’re a bride, you’d want to choose it very carefully. Years after years, your wedding fragrance will transport you back in time and remind you of those happy moments. Even if you’re not a bride but attending a wedding this summer, you’d have thought about choosing the right perfume for the day. If you’re struggling, know that you’re not alone. Here in this article, I have chosen some of the PERFECT summer wedding fragrances that will make you feel and smell amazing.

Highlighters for mature skin

If you’re born with amazing skin, you’re the blessed one babe! Most of us, however, need a helping hand aka highlighter in that department. When it is about mature skin, we might need a lot more help. A good highlighter can take years off you and that is the reason highlighters are a must-have for mature skin. Even if you’re all about aging gracefully, you might still want that radiant lit-from-within skin. If applied to the right points, they can instantly lift up the face and diminish the appearance of wrinkles. Choosing the right formula and finish can make a huge difference to your look.